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  ‘About Us’ Pages

Successful people and companies connect with their audience on a fundamental level. Here’s why an ‘About’ page is more important than you think.

  • It sets you apart from your competition
  • It clarifies your business plan
  • It tells the world why you exist

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Defining a Clear Purpose

Why ‘About us’ pages are so important

When you start a business—small or large—it’s crucial to define your vision and mission. It provides you with purpose and guides your decisions as your business evolves. Many people confuse an About page for a sales page. Leave the explanations and selling to the rest of the website. The About page is far more powerful when it’s used to convey meaning and purpose.

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle is an invaluable model not only in business leadership, but also in your About page. In this modern marketplace, there are many companies competing for business. Customers and clients have many choices. Why should they choose you over your competitor? This is that chance to explain . It elevates your business.

Your ‘About Us’ page is also an important tool in developing your business. What is it that you offer to your customers? How do you achieve positive outcomes for them? And why do you do it?

I can help you articulate your value concisely and clearly. If you need a master copywriter to write you an ‘About’ page, click the button below.


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Online Product Pages

When you have a product to sell,  there are many aspects you need to consider in your messaging.

  • Do you sell features or benefits?
  • Is your brand trusted or known?
  • How do you structure the page?

Fast Fact

One product I revamped on Amazon saw a 285% increase in sales after they implemented my copy, growing revenue from $1.57 million to $4.55 million.

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Sell More with Stellar Product Pages

How I Write Compelling Sales Copy

When it comes to eCommerce—Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, etc.—your product descriptions are the final link in the sales funnel. You need to convert visitors into buyers. And you have just a few precious seconds to get them hooked.

How do you make sure you’re telling them the right things that’ll get them to make a purchase?

A rigorous study on product pages published in Harvard Business Review goes into detail about how to convert visitors into sales.

Product descriptions on Amazon (generally) need to be:

  • Scannable. Your first words are key to grabbing and holding attention.
  • Concise and punchy. Quickly convey value.
  • Informative. What are the best and most important features of your product?

Why? Because people are typically searching for what they already want. They’re focused on gathering information.

Experience products are different though. If you’re selling services like SaaS or subscriptions, you’ll need copy that’s personable and conversational. This is because what you’re selling is intangible. Buyers need to be able to see themselves using your service.

There are many variations on this formula, and it gets rather complicated, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Bottom line: I can help you sell more products by structuring and writing copy that converts. I have over a decade in sales where I sold everything under the sun—cookies to stores and soap to consumers. You need a copywriter who’s a sales veteran, so click the button below to get started with your product description page.


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  Website Copy for Service Businesses

Your business provides a service, which means that customers can’t hold it in their hands. How do you convince them that you’re the right one? Here are some considerations when designing your site.

  • What actions do you want your visitor to take?
  • How do you structure the page?
  • What copy needs to be on the page?
  • Do you talk about features or benefits?

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Convince Visitors To Choose You

3 Deadly Mistakes that drive Vistors away

When you’re a service business, what you’re selling isn’t tangible. Product people often want to tout the features of their service. You might be inclined to make a list of things you can do with the service.

But guess what?

The folks who visit your website are just going to tune all that out.

Why? Because your value to the client is abstract. You’re going to need to make it very clear to them how you can improve their life first.

The harsh truth is that people don’t care about the features of your software or all the things you can do for them. First, they need to know how you’re going to improve their life. Are you going to make a certain task easier? Are you going to make them more productive? Only then will the features you offer make any sense.

I can help you communicate the value of your service clearly, concisely, and in a compelling way that appeals to your target audience. Click the button below so we can get started with filling your website with copy that converts.


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